Now that comes Valentine´s Day and you woud be looking for alternatives and new ideas to enjoy this day, from  Via de la Plata Travels we offer you some places for sightseeing in Extremadura which by its environment and history, could be an idyllic place to share special moments.

                                                                                                                  1. Monfragüe´s National Park

A protected space can become a wonderful place for a couple who is a lover of birds. Monfragüe has become a true world leader in ornithological matter and is surrounded by friendly villages such as Navalmoral de la Mata, Plasencia and Trujillo.

This authentic representation of Mediterranean forest is considered Special Bird Protection Area (SPA). If you like to travel, this idea is certainly an original and special to spend a romantic weekend.


Image: www.caravanasviadelaplata.com

 2. Trujillo

This small picturesque village of Extremadura is ideal for a break of two or three days. Path traveled by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. It contains one of the most beautiful squares in Spain: the Plaza Mayor. Walk through it in the best company and accompany the tour with dinner at some of the nearby restaurants is a wonderful plan for that on February 14. In these restaurants you will not miss the exquisite dishes of food extremeña accompanied by a quality wine that will make much more immemorial evening.


Image: www.fotoviajero.com

3. Alange

Tired of everyday life, stress, work and many worries? Alange is a place for you and for who you love. Give something to improve your health. Its water is the basis for many hydrothermal treatments and beauty and surrounding gardens create an ideal place for romance and enjoy the wonderful views environment.

Isn´t it romantic walk the facilities that once enjoyed by the Romans Emerita Augusta? The modernization of all spa services and many hotels with millions of details prepared exclusively for that weekend won´t make you  forget this place.


Image: balneariosconencanto.net

4. Hervás

It has very nice streets with old houses, synagogues and places that transport you to the past. It has a highly conserved, ideal to wander through its streets and to cross with very friendly and hospitable people Jewish quarter.

Hervas has incredible hostelries to stay, highlighting the Ambroz Valley that has comfortable rooms and facilities. For this unique weekend we can not forget the exclusive restaurant and lounge that is prepared exclusively for that date.


Image: juandiazfoto.wordpress.com

If you liked this post, next week we will publish the second with other sites that may be of interest.

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