Continuing the post we published last week, here you have other places if you decide visit Extremadura.

1. The Cathedral of Plasencia

Plasencia Cathedral is without a doubt the most representative monument of this town. Plateresque façade will leave you speechless. If you do not know what to see inExtremadura undoubtedly known as the Pearl of the North or Perla del Valle, it is an attractive destination both for its monumental wealth as by the peculiar typical tapas ofthe area. It is a good place to spend a night in good company.

2. Roman Theatre of Mérida

This pacense, famous capital for its renowned international festival of classical theater has one of the most important archaeological sites in Spain. The most significant of this welcoming city is the mix of history that breathes through its streets. If you want to take a walk by the Roman Embrace @ to that special person be sure to visit this region.


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3. Inn of Zafra

No one would doubt that the Parador de Zafra is a very romantic place to celebrate that romantic Valentine you need both. It will be prepared in detail for the big day and a special menu that you’ll love. You can also enjoy the famous Palace of the Dukes of Feria. La Grande and Chica square is the ideal place to spend a pleasant evening or if you prefer, and if you like the atmosphere of shopping, strolling down the street worship Sevilla being the commercial street of the city.


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4. Castle of Feria

The wonderful views from the Castle Fair are definitely the perfect place for a romantic evening. Its huge tower of Homage and make its grand opening can contemplate such picturesque towns such as Villalba de los Barros, Zafra or Nogales. From the viewpoint of Fair you have the feeling of watching endless landscapes. If you go for Feira, do not forget to taste delicious dishes from Extremadura in some of their rural mesons.


                                              Image: guias-viajar.com

Here you are a video that contine some images of villages and activities that organize from Vía de la Plata Travels.

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