There is no doubt that Extremadura is at least a different place for tourist travelers.

Here you have some reasons that will make you fall in love with this land.

Perfect combination of historic patrimony, cultural and natures place

If you are looking for variety, it is one of the few communities that allows this mixture of history and nature without losing its differential value separately. There is no doubt that there is much to see in Extremadura.

The region, located next to fertile land and crossed by two major rivers, the Tajo and Guadiana, is one of the areas that brings greater cultural, culinary and scenic wealth in the rural tourism while having monumental sets Great value. It has many charms corners, hidden landscapes beautiful, sensory experiences and many special bird protection areas.

Mediterranean Ideal Weather to travel

This climate makes that the extremeños winters are not too hard. Good spring temperatures make this season a great one to visit areas like the Valle del Jerte. Summers are usually hot, but has many gorges and natural pools that have little to envy to a beach. Average annual temperatures range between 16 and 17 ° C from year to year.

Gastronomy and wines of Extremadura

Extremadura has no outlet to the sea, making the most typical dishes are mostly meat and vegetable compounds.

In this region we find one of the best Iberian hams. Overall production stands pork products such as sausages and charcuterie can be. The quality of this product is due to the breeding of the Iberian breed fed with abundant acorns.

In addition, the Extremadura community is one of the first wine producing regions and of course, everyone should try once Extremadura crumbs.

Personality of Extremadura inhabitants

You love to hear the extrovert character of Extremadura. They are always willing to help when you need it and generally known for their sociability, affection, closeness and simplicity. Visiting Extremadura will make you feel at home and its inhabitants are well known for their great hospitality.

Proximity to Portugal

The closeness between Extremadura and Portugal and incorporating this into the European Union makes both considered increasingly and sisters who are struggling to create business together. The organization of routes including both destinations becoming more popular and is being contemplated. Day of Portugal and is held in the vicinity of Extremadura and Badajoz and Portugal provides a world of opportunities that certainly favors the Extremadura region as a tourist destination.

The advantage of the strategic location is not only because of its proximity to Portugal, but also because it is still a stretch for many people busy doing the Camino de Santiago along the Via de la Plata.

No doubt the difficulty to access and reach Extremadura remains a weakness in the region but from Travel Via de la Plata organize trips for groups that include transportation within them. Don´t have doubt to contact us!